Program Outline

Scopist Training Online (C302)



The Scopist Training Online (C302) program of study is designed to prepare a student to perform computer-aided transcription from a court reporter’s notes/audio files into a marketable, finished product.  Scopist Training Online (C302) is offered in an online format and can be completed in as little as six months.  A student must have a high school diploma or GED equivalent.


A scopist works with a court reporter and aids the reporter in producing a marketable transcript through computer-aided transcription from a court reporter’s notes/audio files.   The program will run for six-months’ duration and will offer theory, academic, and professional development courses.  Requirements:  Program C302:  Laptop or desktop computer, all textbooks for each course and high-speed Internet access. 


Students in Course C302 will also be assessed a one-time software licensing fee of $100 for permission to use Eclipse Student software.



Course Method Hours

I.  Steno Theory

     Theory I Lecture 12
     Theory II 12
II.  Academics
     English I Lecture 12
     English II Lecture 6
Lab 6
     Medical Terminology Lecture 12
     Legal  Terminology
                /Case Law
Lecture 12
III.  Professional Development
     Practical Applications Lecture 6
Lab 6
     Technology Lecture 6
Lab 6

Total Hours

Lecture 78
Lab 18
Combined 96


Updated 01/7/2016



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