Program Outline


CART/Captioning Training Online (D402)



CART/Captioning Training (D402)  is designed for a student who wishes to enter the field of Communication Access Realtime Transcription (CART) assisting visually or hearing-impaired clientele, or for captioning, designed to enter the field of television broadcast captioning.   A student must have a high school diploma or GED equivalent.


The course will begin with the basic court reporting theory program and progress through basic speedbuilding courses, as well as English, medical, and legal terminology courses.  Upon reaching a speed of 160 wpm, a student will enter into Professional Development Courses, consisting of a CART/captioning practical applications course, a CART/captioning technology course, as well as a CART/captioning realtime speedbuilding program designed exclusively for this field.    Requirements:  Computer, stenowriter machine, and all textbooks for each course.  





Course Method Hours

I.  Stenowriting Curriculum

  Theory I Lecture/Audio Drills 24
  Theory II 24
  Steno Skills Theory I Lab 64
  Steno Skills Theory II 64
  Speedbuilding I Lecture/Audio 72
  Speedbuilding I
Steno Skills Lab
Lab 144
  Speedbuilding II Lecture/Audio 72
  Speedbuilding II
  Steno Skills Lab
Lab 144
  Realtime  Speedbuilding Lecture/Audio 72
  Realtime Lab Lab 144
II.  Academics
  English I Lecture 12
  English II Lecture 6
Lab 6
  Medical Terminology Lecture 12
  Legal  Terminology
             /Case Law
Lecture 12
III.  Professional Development
  Practical Applications
  for CART/Captioning 
Lecture 12
  Realtime Technology Lecture 6
Lab 6
Lab 20










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