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All programs are taught online and may be begun at any time.  A high school diploma or equivalent is required for enrollment.

Paperwork requirements:  A signed enrollment contract; copy of high school diploma or GED equivalent; and a copy of student's driver's license.

Transfer students:   A transcript from prior a educational institution is required in order for transfer credits to be considered.  Credits are at the discretion of the School Director.


Projected Program Lengths
Program ID Program Name Months
A102 Court Reporter Training with Theory - Online 24-30
B202 Court Reporter Training without Theory - Online (transfer students) 18-24
D402 CART/Captioning Training - Online 24-30
C302 Scopist Training Online 6
E101 Voice Court Reporter Training - Online 9
E201 Voice CART/Captioning Training - Onlin 9

Online courses are self-paced, with a maximum completion time allowed of twice the length of the program.  An extended completion is permitted at the discretion of the School Director.  It will be incumbent upon the student to maximize his/her study routine to ensure consistent progression.

EQUIPMENT: Students in all programs of study will supply their own computers and associated software, equipment (steno machines or stenomasks), textbooks, and supplies at their own expense.

The required equipment and texts for each curriculum are listed on the Equipment and Texts link on this website. Used equipment and textbooks are permitted to keep costs low.

INSTRUCTIONAL/OFFICE HOURS:   By appointment with the School Director.



REGISTRATION FEE: A $125 nonrefundable application fee is due at the time of application. The online registration form, including link to pay the registration fee, is found under the Enroll Tab on the BRSCR home page.

TECHNOLOGY FEE:  A software fee of $100 is due for installation of student software.  (Subsequent installations may incur an additional fee of $50 per installation.)

Online Programs


Program Per Module Monthly
Machine Online - Court Reporting n/a n/a $ 325
Machine Online - CART/Captioning n/a n/a $ 325
Voice Writing Online - Court Reporting
(12 courses x $400 = $4800)
$ 4800 n/a $400
Voice Writing Online - CART/Captioning
(12 courses x $400 = $4800)
$ 4800 n/a $400
Scoping Online  
(8 modules x $300 = $2400)
$ 2400 $ 300 n/a



Tuition Financing Options: Tuition financing plans are available through TFC Financing for those who qualify. All financing plans are subject to approval by the School Director. To apply, contact for the application and information.


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