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Steno Mandatories Word Search 1-5           
$ 4.00 ($ 4.00 inc Tax)  

Category: Puzzles and Games

Five Word Search puzzles compatible with Phoenix Theory mandatories. 

Steno training getting to be a bore? 

Well, help is here, so snore no more!


These brain teasers will fit the bill

For just a few dollars, it's an incredible deal.


So simply put them in your shopping cart

And soon you'll be the one who's stenoing smart!


Love to play Word Search puzzles but need to study your steno?

Get these five easy puzzles that test your English-to-steno skills and let you search for the steno answers on the grid.  Fun and studying, all rolled in one!  Compatible with Phoenix Theory.


For just a few cents more, order the answer keys as well!

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