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Welcome to the BRSCR Bookstore!  Baton Rouge School of Court Reporting offers onsite and online training in

  • Court Reporting (machine and voice writing)
  • CART/Captioning (machine and voice writing)
  • Scopist Training
  • Administrative Assistant Training
  • Legal Administrative Assistant Training

We are pleased to offer for sale some of our unique practice materials developed to assist both new students in these fields of study as well as graduates or professionals looking for additional certifications or credentials.

Preparing for the national court reporting certification examinations?  We have practice materials for both skills and written testing.  Need to improve your writing accuracy?  Check out the Accuracy Builders. 

Welcome to our Bookstore!

Accuracy Builder Drills
Description: A set of 156 unique drills designed to improve stenowriting accuracy.
Category: Steno Drills, Written
Price: $ 49.95

Steno Briefs Word Search 1-5
Description: Five word search puzzles using steno letters of common briefs. (Compatible with Phoenix Theory)
Category: Puzzles and Games
Price: $ 4.00

Steno Briefs Word Search 1-5 ANSWERS
Description: The steno answers and answer grid for Steno Briefs Word Searches 1-5.
Category: Puzzles and Games
Price: $ 1.00

Medical Terminology Word Search 1-5 ANSWER KEY
Description: Get this ANSWER KEY for the Medical Terminology Word Search 1-5. Look for the puzzles under Medical Terminology Word Se...
Category: Puzzles and Games
Price: $ 1.00

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