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Boot Camp Module A           
$ 225.00 ($ 225.00 inc Tax) - Currently In Stock. 

Category: Certification Preparation

Speedbuilding audio and written materials for state or national certification preparation 

Looking for new practice materials to help you prepare for state or national certification testing?  The BRSCR Boot Camp Series can be just what you're looking for!

Each Boot Camp module consists of the following:

  • Speedbuilding audio practice at national certification speeds or above;
  • Editing tips and reminders prepared by a grader of national skills testing; and
  • Written knowledge test (WKT) study materials for national testing.

You will receive a DVD promptly by mail with your practice files, including a week-by-week calendar to help you work efficiently through the materials.

Shipping is FREE!  Don't delay.  Don't let another testing opportunity pass you by.  Prepare today with the BRSCR Boot Camp series.


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