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Accuracy Builder Drills           
$ 49.95 ($ 49.95 inc Tax)  

Category: Steno Drills, Written

A set of 156 unique drills designed to improve stenowriting accuracy. 

Accuracy Builder Drills consist of 1,560 practice sentences to write from written text.  The goal of the drills is to write each sentence cleanly and accurately before moving on to the next sentence.  There is no audio and no speed pressure; the goal is purely to write with accuracy and to master any strokes that are unfamiliar or do not translate accurately.


Accuracy Builder Drills are suitable for any machine shorthand theory and are an excellent way to begin a daily practice routine.  There are 156 unique topics with ten sentences each, enough for three daily drill sessions throughout an entire year.


Sample topics: 


19:       That's / That is                                    

20:       Police Terms

21:       Accident Terms


22:       Theory Principles                               

23:       Little Phrases

24:       Numeric Dates


25:       Contractions                                       

26:       Anybody /Anymore /Anything /Anyone

27:       Somebody /Something


28:       Family Relationships                         

29:       Testimony Terms

30:       Jury Charge Terms


31:       Phrases                                             

32:       State Your Name Phrases

33:       Right /Correct Phrases


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